Verge Currency is based on the powerful combination of Tor network and i2P & SSL integrations.

Since the advent of Bitcoin, more than 1500 cryptocurrencies have been launched that are set to change the way the world buy, sell or trade.

While most of these cryptocurrencies promise full data protection and lightning fast transactions, they fail to provide complete anonymity.

This is why the all-new Verge Currency (XVG) based on the powerful combination of Tor network and i2P & SSL integrations, uses revolutionary wrath protocol, which enables users to choose between a public or private ledger for the first time in cryptocurrency history while staying anonymous in both cases.

So how is the Wraith Protocol different?
Let’s understand it with an example…

Mike decides to send Matt 400 in Verge

Mike’s address is V341, and Matt’s address is V634.

Mike confirms the transaction and within seconds later Matt receives 400 Verge’s as intended.

The only thing that the network users will be able to see is the 400 Verge Currency that were transferred.

For the other users, the transaction will look something like this: “XXXXX sent 400 Verge (XVG) coins to XXXXX.”

Fascinating! Isn’t it?

Verge also allows users to use a custom electrum wallet which supports multi-signature support…
This means that any hacker must gain access to two of your devices, generally your personal computer and Smartphone to steal your coins… A pretty impossible task it seems!

The key features of electrum wallet include:

Ability to recover it from its seed if lost

Non-sharing of your private keys with the server

Directly requests blockchain information from the server, without downloading anything

No storage of user account for complete anonymity!

With Verge all set to introduce an independent two-way pegged side chain called Rootstock, that will graft smart contract functionality onto the Verge network; you can be rest assured that Verge Currency can be used for things more than just financial transactions!

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