#29 MGN12 Linear Rail Guide #29 / Dial Gauge Jig / Improving Movement / Butting Rails

00:00 Intro.
00:47 Dial Gauge Jig.
04:38 Improving the movement of the rail block.
07:37 Adapting pocket 83 marble sorting jig.
10:15 Cleaning the rail blocks.
12:04 Jig to set rail 4mm in from the edge of c-beam.
14:46 Butting two rails together and getting the rail block to move smoothly.
16:55 Conclusion.

In this video I build a few jigs to help set the MGN12 linear guide rail onto a c-beam aluminium profile. Work on improving the movement of the guide block along the rail, and attempt to butt two rails together to expand the distance the rails can reach.

Item’s I’ve used in this video:
MGN12H Linear Rail Guide
MGN12H Linear Rail Block
20M3 T Sliding Nut

Pocket83’s video I was referring too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ya9zTstjOIU

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