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What do you think of the audio quality? I am using this Yeti mic off of Amazon –

Want to mine LOKI? Check out Fairpool who contributed to this video! Fairpool has an informative mining dashboard, customizable payouts, and 100% uptime after HF –

I’m using xmrig 2.6.1 amd miner w/ these settings in smOS
-a cryptonight-heavy -o stratum+tcp:// -u LQeao4cfRiWMG59dkUHBgQQJFYKiaAifM6FoErHyfk1rXK6Tja8KMmHBXiuQ8poDPDUJ5Z98PGpBk3KGzPgLfDUB5U8AwuK -p x –donate-level=1 –print-time=5

More and more news surrounding incoming (or perhaps already running) 1.4 GH/s ETH miners, which are over 6x faster than the Bitmain Antminer E3. Article –

Loki Network has launched their Service Nodes successfully and are very active on their github, price has moved pass 6000 satoshis. Loki Weekly Update #15

Google is unbanning more cryptocurrency ads, specifically ads for “regulated” crypto exchanges –

Bitmain has announced their new 7nm cryptocurrency mining chips, there are also other ASIC manufacturers that are developing similar miners to be released in 2018 and 2019.
Bitmain official blog article –

Shapeshift now preparing for impending KYC regulation with ID verification attached to newfound accounts.
Link –

Bits Be Trippin showcases 2080 mining hashrates.
BBT official YouTube link –

Discussion in the VoskCoin discord points to rumor that ASICs have been developed for 99% of mining algorithms already.
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Horizen has moved their version of delayed proof of work dPoW to their testnet in hopes of avoiding any additional 51% attacks on their network. Zen Blog – WP –

Bitmain DR3 Decred miner UNLIKELY TO ROI –

Mining Rig Parts IN STOCK on Amazon –

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