Stellar #XLM – Partnership With Fidelity? – Prime Trust Partnership – Bull Run Coming?

In today’s video CryptoCurrently briefly covers some exciting news about #Stellar #XLM.

In the first article we take a look at the potential for a partnership between #Fidelity and Stellar. There are some strong reasons why this theory may come to fruition.

Tom Jessop, is the head of corporate business at Fidelity, Tom is also the formal head of the company #Chain.

Chain has already entered a partnership with Stellar, Chain and LightYear (the for-profit arm of Stellar) joined forces to create Interstellar.

This gives a strong indication that Tom will bridge the gap between a Stellar and Fidelity partnership. The addition of Fidelity would be a major win for the Stellar #blockchain.

In the second article we take a look at the newly announced partnership between Stellar and Prime Trust.

Prime Trust is a qualified custodian that is fully regulated and offers custody tokens to interested investors.

The company has recently announced it will be adding tokens based on the Stellar Blockchain.

As more assets become tokenized on the Stellar Blockchain, legitimate partnerships such as Prime Trust will further drive the adoption of Stellar.


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