The rise of EOS and the price of success

As the EOS blockchain has begin to rise on to new heights, I’m sure many community members by now have noticed the simultaneous rise of fear uncertainty and doubt AKA FUD, the EOS blockchain has broken new records set new highs and is setting new standards of fundraising with its innovative airdrop / airgrab models, yet despite all of the success the EOS blockchain has enjoyed in a mere three months of existence, the accusations against the EOS blockchain only seem to grow, sometimes even gaining traction despite the clear biases of it’s accusers. No blockchain is ever perfect of course, but we should never allow perfect to be the enemy of good enough. And the EOS blockchain is without a shadow of a doubt the most competitive blockchain running at scale today. But this is not a source of comfort for many in the blockchain industry today, in fact it’s quite the opposite. And as the EOS blockchain grows there will be continued accusation thrown its way, not out of any genuine concern for the current issues, but more as a means to discredit and undermine a competing blockchain. This quite frankly is the price of success that any top competitor must pay when it is clearly on the rise. But this should not be looked upon as a bad thing, in fact it’s quite the opposite and here’s why.

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