SWIFT to use Microsoft Azure for payments transfers / No Ripple SIBOS Partnership

The companies are proving out a Microsoft Azure cloud-based solution for payments transfers conducted on the SWIFT network.
Microsoft has on Monday announced a partnership with SWIFT, hoping to facilitate the future deployment of the latter’s messaging service in the cloud.
Announced during day one of Sibos in Sydney, the pair of companies said they have conducted a cloud-native proof of concept to host SWIFT infrastructure and enable payment transfers on Microsoft Azure.
SWIFT provides financial messaging services to more than 11,000 financial institutions in over 200 countries.

in addition:
The chief executive of the ANZ Bank, Shayne Elliott has used his opening address to the SIBOS conference in Sydney to stress humans won’t be replaced by robots in the banking world, despite the rise of new technologies ranging from AI to blockchain powering fintechs and neobanks.

“We firmly believe no robot can replace a true relationship with a banker,” Elliott said in an address that canvassed the bank’s technology efforts to date and painted a strongly upbeat picture of a sector in rapid change.