DigiByte (DGB) – DigiAssets – DigiTrustPass – DigiZipper – HitBTC $TUSD Pairing – CoinGecko

In today’s video CryptoCurrently will cover some upcoming projects for #DigiByte #DGB.

We begin by taking a second look at the Bitfinex exchange listing, where Digibyte was given a BTC and USD pairing. Followed by a new pairing on the HitBTC exchange for $DGB/$TUSD. This is great news for DGB. New listings and pairings on exchanges can have a positive impact on DGB, but lets take a look at some projects coming soon that will add to the real world use cases of DigiByte.

First we take a look at the tweet coming from AntumID. In the tweet AntumID lists the name of two new projects set to release in 2019. The first project is named, DigiTrustPass, and the second project is called DigiZipper. While details on what these projects aim to do have yet to be released, you will be updated as soon as I have the answer.

Another project coming soon is DigiAssets, The launch of this project will allow for the launching of ICO’s and Decentralized Applications (Dapps) on top of the DigiByte #blockchain. As we have seen the success Dapps can have for projects, such as ETH and TRX, the same success will likely be seen for DGB. Since the DigiByte is one of the most secure, and fastest projects on the market, developers can be expected to flock to the DGB blockchain. As stated in the tweet from Rudy Bouwman, it will also be infinitely scalable.




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