Budget Magic: $85 (25 tix) Overflowing Omniscience (Standard, Magic Online)

Last week during Against the Odds, we ran into this crazy deck built around ramping into Omniscience and Overflowing Insight. While we managed to pick up the win, the deck looked interesting enough that I figured I should probably try to build my version of it. The end result is the crazy ramp-combo deck we’re playing today: Overflowing Omniscience! The basic plan of the deck is to spend the early turns ramping into Omniscience as quickly as possible and then hopefully win the game immediately once Omniscience resolves (without letting our opponent untap) by drawing our entire deck with Overflowing Insight

and then looping Overflowing Insight with Gaea’s Blessing until we eventually force our opponent to draw their entire deck and lose to drawing on an empty library. Can Omniscience form the foundation for a sweet combo-ramp deck in Guilds of Ravnica Standard? Let’s get to the videos and find out!

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Match 1: 8:42
Match 2: 18:08
Match 3: 33:03
Match 4: 49:44
Match 5: 1:02:48