Tron (TRX) – Blockchain Game EverDragons – TRX Private Coin?

In today’s video, CryptoCurrently will cover the new game coming to #Tron #TRX, EverDragon. Following this, we will discuss the recent news of Tron becoming a private coin.

First we take a look at the new game EverDragons. Everdragons is a Dapp, blockchain based game that started on Ethereum.

To improve the scalability of the game, EverDragons moved to the POA network, and most recently to Tron.

This means Everdragons will exist on all three platforms. They will have a marketplace with all three currencies, but the game will only be played on POA and Tron.

Next we take a look at Tron becoming a private coin. Justin Sun recently announced that Tron will implement the Zcash technology to allow for users to conduct transactions in a private manor.

Users will have the ability to turn this feature off if added privacy is not needed.