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Safex Talks: Blockchain Alpha, Developer Hire, Balkaneum Office February 10, 2018

Safex Talks: Blockchain Alpha, Developer Hire, Balkaneum Office February 10, 2018

In this video Daniel Dabek demonstrates the Safex Blockchain Alpha, then introduces a new developer hired to the Safex team, and finally does an introductory walkthrough a new office dedicated for Blockchain development in Belgrade, Serbia to deliver the Safex Marketplace. https://safex.io https://safe.exchange https://twitter.com/safe_exchange https://twitter.com/dandabek

NEO “Antshares” Safe Exchange “Safex” OmiseGo OMG!!! Recap Aug. 4th

Today has been a great day for Antshares/Neo and Safe Exchange coin AKA SAFEX on Cryptopia and SEC on Bittrex. Making very bullish movements upwards in the markets, I usually do not want to talk about markets much I really try to focus on the vision, movements, and technologies behind a cryptocurrency or platform have…

Safex Talk – Wallet Release and Recap August 17, 2017

Safex Wallet update and release from Daniel Dabek, the Architect and Milan Radosavljevic, Safex Publicist. The team mates introduce each other and talk about the wallet release, and some of the delays. In light of that Daniel and Milan go into a play by play describing what had happened. Followed by a brief demo of…

Safex Talk – Safex Wallet Tutorial

Daniel Dabek walks us through and Narrates how to use the Safex Wallet to send Safex Coins. You can download it at the https://safex.io website and view it’s progression on https://github.com/safex/safex_wallet Relevant Links: Support: https://safe.exchange/c/support Community Forum: https://safe.exchange Safex Website: https://safex.io Daniel Twitter: https://twitter.com/dandabek Safex Twitter: https://twitter.com/safe_exchange

Safex Talk – Development Update September 24, 2017

Daniel Dabek introduces Chief Economist Ivana Tudorovic as they speak about the latest release of the Safex Dividend Calculator. Safex Calculator Video: https://youtu.be/3J5a51MiXkY Safex Calculator Article: https://medium.com/@ivanatudor/safex-dividend-calculator-why-what-and-how-b71f381fd33 https://safe.exchange/t/safex-development-update-september-24-2017/2017 https://safex.io https://safe.exchange https://twitter.com/safe_Exchange https://twitter.com/ivanatudor https://twitter.com/dandabek